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nike high madagascar

1,600 AED

Nike High Madagascar are the most roaring sneakers of the Savania Limited Edition. Made with a leopard print on pony skin, these women's Nike are finished with an unmistakable detail: the fuchsia swoosh shaded by a mirrored silver fabric. Leopard animalier velvet laces complete the look to truly make you the queen of the savannah. Nike High Madagascar will be provided to you with the custom laces and its originals ones.

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  • model: Nike
  • material: Eco-leather, Leather
  • manufacturing: Animalier

For a better maintenance of your MIMANERA shoes, we recommend a delicate washing. It is recommended not to proceed with the dryer, but to use a traditional hairdryer, or to dry them in the air and not in the sun, away from heat sources.

Nike High Madagascar  Animalier
Nike High Madagascar  Animalier
Nike High Madagascar  Animalier
Nike High Madagascar  Animalier
Nike High Madagascar  Animalier
Nike High Madagascar  Animalier

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size guide
35,5 22 5 2,5
36 22,4 5,5 3
36,5 22,9 6 3,5
37,5 23,3 6,5 4
38 23,7 7 4,5
38,5 24,1 7,5 5
39 24,5 8 5,5
40 25 8,5 6
40,5 25,4 9 6,5
41 25,8 9,5 7
42 26,2 10 7,5



Measure your feet

Wear the type of socks you usually use with shoes and take measurements in the afternoon (usually the feet tend to swell during the day). Distribute your weight evenly between your feet, before taking measurements.


Stand on a hard surface with your heel resting on the wall and place a sheet of white paper under your foot.


With a pen or pencil mark the longest points of the foot (from toe to heel) on the sheet of paper (or ask someone to do it for you). Repeat the same thing with the other foot, as the measurements of the right and left foot sometimes differ.


Use a ruler to measure the length marked for each foot.