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nike tornado

1,300 AED

Nike Tornado are personalized sneakers for men and women born from a storm of creativity. The black of the exterior stands out when the shoes are exposed to UV rays and also dyes the toe in gray. The sunlight enhances the colors of these sneakers marked by a python teal blue swoosh. These customized shoes are also available in junior and baby versions for a match-matchy style. Nike Tornado will come with custom black laces in addition to its originals.

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For a better maintenance of your MIMANERA shoes, we recommend a delicate washing. It is recommended not to proceed with the dryer, but to use a traditional hairdryer, or to dry them in the air and not in the sun, away from heat sources.

Nike Tornado
Nike Tornado
Nike Tornado
Nike Tornado
Nike Tornado
Nike Tornado
size guide



Measure your feet

Wear the type of socks you usually use with shoes and take measurements in the afternoon (usually the feet tend to swell during the day). Distribute your weight evenly between your feet, before taking measurements.


Stand on a hard surface with your heel resting on the wall and place a sheet of white paper under your foot.


With a pen or pencil mark the longest points of the foot (from toe to heel) on the sheet of paper (or ask someone to do it for you). Repeat the same thing with the other foot, as the measurements of the right and left foot sometimes differ.


Use a ruler to measure the length marked for each foot.